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A Sample of Available Caskets

Cleveland Casket Cleveland Casket
Non-protective, wood, rosetan interior. - $1220.00
Hilton Casket
Protective, 20 gauge, ivory crepe interior available in Light Gunmetal or Bronze. - $1590.00
Going Home Casket Going Home Casket
Protective, 18 gauge, monarch blue/spruce blue, blue capri crepe interior. - $2620.00
Pearl Rose Casket Pearl Rose Casket
Protective, 18 gauge, pink shaded white, pink capri crepe interior. - $2620.00
Sterling Casket Sterling Casket
Protective, 18 gauge, empire blue, blue capri crepe interior. - $2830.00
Wesley Casket Wesley Casket
Non-protective, wood, cloth covered, perfection cut, Steel or Taupe Doe color. - $960.00

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