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We hope these FAQ's will answer any questions you may have. If you are in need of more information, don't hesitate to contact us directly.


Is embalming required by state law?

     No. Oregon law requires that human remains held longer than 24 hours after death be either embalmed, refrigerated, or cremated. There can be circumstances when embalming will be required by a cemetery for entombment in a Mausoleum or to transfer the remains across state lines.

What is embalming?

     Embalming is a temporary preservation the the remains. The purpose is to help, temporarily, slow down the natural processes and to sanitize the remains for public viewing.

What if I want to be a anatomical donor?

     We work with all the anatomical donation programs. There is no cost to the family for most anatomical donations. The family can have any type of service that they wish after donation. We also can help the family plan on whole body donation. There is a fee from the funeral home for this type of donation. The Oregon Health Science University Body Donation Program needs a funeral home to remove the remains from the place of death, embalm the remains and transport them to the University. The funeral home also takes care of all the necessary permits and paperwork.

If my family member is cremated, how will I know I am getting them back?

     In Oregon, there are many systems in place to assure that you will get your loved one back, and no one else. You can also be assured that we cremate only one person at a time. Funeral homes, crematories and cemeteries are all licensed by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board which is a licensing board that governs these facilities. You may contact the board at (503)731-4040.

Are more people choosing cremation today?

     Yes. In recent years the percentage of cremations have increased. Cremation is accepted by most religions. In Oregon the percentage of cremations is over 55%.

I am Catholic, can I be cremated?

     Yes. The Catholic Church allows cremation. You should speak with your parish priest to see what your local church recommends for the memorial service or memorial mass. Cremation is only the final form of disposition and you may have a full mass with casket present, if you wish, and cremation can take place after the mass. We have the "Cremation For Catholics Brochure" available that you can request

What is Cremation?

     The body of the deceased is placed into a cremation chamber. Only one body at a time is cremated. Through heat and evaporation the body is reduced to basic elements that some people call ashes. In fact, they are not ashes, but our skeletal remains processed to fit into an urn.

Can I scatter the cremated remains?

     The family may scatter the cremated remains on family private property, or in the ocean. Many hire a boat for this service. You can also contract with a "scattering service", who will scatter the cremated remains for you via plane or boat.

Will the Veterans pay for the service?

     Not in most cases. The veteran who passes away in a V.A. Hospital, or is on V.A. disability or retirement may receive a burial reimbursement of 300.00. All honorably discharged veterans are eligible for burial of casket or urn at a National Cemetery. Your funeral director will help make application at a National Cemetery.

What type of information should I bring to the funeral home?

     There are many details to attend to when making funeral arrangements. The family will bring in statistical information that will go on the death certificate. This information includes, persons full name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, parents names - including mother's maiden name. The funeral home will also want a copy of the veteran's discharge papers, if available. If the family desires an obituary in the newspaper, the funeral director will get more detailed personalized information on the deceased, such as, church membership, organizations that the deceased belonged. Also, if the family desires a viewing this is the time to bring in clothing and perhaps a picture of the deceased to help the funeral home with the viewing preparations.

"With deepest gratitude for the respect and dignity with which you cared for my father. The service was beautiful and your professionalism and assistance are greatly appreciated."

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